Reservation Agent Jobs and More

We’re Growing and We Need You

We’re growing, and we need friendly, hard-working, and reliable work-from-home Reservations Specialists. Take advantage of our best-in-industry pay scale and pay-for-performance culture, and become one of our employees – not an independent contractor.

Travel Outlook is a company that provides voice reservations services for a select group of hotels. We are a virtual company, which means that we all work from home offices. We take pride in the fact that in our industry, we’re the best – the first call center to be certified by the Kennedy Training Network, and answering calls with Forbes quality standards.

You’re applying for a position as one of our work-from-home reservations specialists. This means that you will work from a suitable home office, receiving incoming reservation calls that have been routed to you by our sophisticated contact center phone system.

Incredible Benefits

  • Productivity – Many people prefer an at-home environment to be able to concentrate and work more productively.
  • Comfort – Home offices are more comfortable. You can design your own work area, sit on the couch, stand, pace – do whatever feels best.
  • Commuting – With the average commute to work over 25 minutes, working from home means you can start and end your day with sanity and peace.
  • Nutrition – With full access to your own kitchen, you can prepare meals and snacks during approved breaks. Besides saving money, this is often a healthier option.
  • Exercise – No need to carry workout clothes, a hair dryer, and makeup kits to the office.
  • Compensation – Those who work from home team effectively earn more than office-bound counterparts — some studies estimate 10-15% more, saving on gas, the bus or subway, eating out, clothes or on dry cleaning – these work-related items add up, and mean more cash to put toward an emergency fund, the house and family, or to fund a retirement account.

Thank you for your interest in us, and we look forward to working with you.