ExpressRez® (United States Patent #10,257,358 B2) is a simplified voice reservations service for smaller inns and bed and breakfast properties, powered by the Travel Outlook voice reservations team. For an innkeeper, time is the most important asset – and there is just not enough of it. Often, the only employees at smaller properties are the innkeepers, and innkeepers need time to clean the guest rooms and bathrooms, make breakfast for the next day, make cookies for the afternoon tea, and at the same time answer the phone for future reservations or to answer questions for guests.

With ExpressRez®, innkeepers transfer calls to our hospitality call center team only when needed, without notice, and our reservations specialists answer the calls with the property’s unique greeting. We charge a reasonable per-minute fee, with no start-up costs or other add-on fees. With our team as back-up, innkeepers will not miss income-producing reservations calls, and answering calls promptly provides excellent customer service to both in-house guests and to those on the phone.


Innkeepers use the ExpressRez® Online Portal to enter detailed property information, and our reservations specialists access this same information when we receive a call for the property. We book reservations directly into the property’s website, and send reservation changes and cancellations to management instantaneously via our unique customer service request form. At the end of the month, we send an invoice which is simply a statement of the number of minutes we were on the phone multiplied by the per minute rate. To save expense in invoicing and to keep our charges lower, in advance we require a credit card, debit card, or ACH as payment.

This is a simplified service that provides innkeepers only what they need without the extra software or transaction costs of our competitors. This means it costs less without sacrificing quality sales and guest services with our state-of-the-art contact center performance.