Travel Outlook partners with Forbes Travel Guide and the Kennedy Training Network (KTN) to create customized training workshops for our Reservations Specialists. The Travel Outlook training program is built specifically for each of our clients based on market segment, property type, revenue strategies, company philosophies, and any unique operational needs. Our approach understands that callers have visited TripAdvisor or a similar social media site, have read one or more postings about the property, and before dialing have also researched rates on an online travel agency site such as Expedia. With this understanding, our Reservations Specialists use a more conversational and less transactional sales style to engage the caller and to find the “story” behind the call. Both Forbes Travel Guide and KTN monitor the results of our training with its mystery shop calls.

Using our own online Learning Management System, our Reservations Specialists regularly engage in ongoing training, coaching and quality adherence reviews. This includes role playing, live call shadowing, group exercises, and ongoing evaluations and performance review sessions with our Quality Assurance Specialists. Our highly skilled team individualizes each interactive session with the specific needs of the client in mind. This innovative training model provides our Reservations Specialists the training and support needed to succeed in today’s world of over-informed, multi-tasking callers with numerous online booking choices. Reservations Specialists learn to use descriptions that allure and entice instead of merely notifying and informing your guests of rates and availability.

One of the unique qualities of the Travel Outlook hotel call center solution is that many of our reservation Reservations Specialists are located near our major hotel clients. These local Reservations Specialists can visit your hotel while they complete full training on your property.