KTN Certified

KTN Certified

What Does it Mean to be KTN Certified?

We use a specific sales approach called the Kennedy Training Network sales system and train our reservations specialists to use it effectively. We are the only call center to be certified by the Kennedy Training Network, and we hire Kennedy and Forbes to test-call our reservations specialists. Using this system, we close up to 70% of the qualified reservations calls we receive.

The Kennedy Training Network

When it comes to information, the balance of power has shifted to the caller’s side of the equation. In the past, most had very little information from a brochure, directory, or guide book, so front desk and hotel reservations sales agents were trained to find out if the caller was familiar with the hotel and the primary purpose of their visit.  Then, based on a “business” or “leisure” scenario, agents were trained to use a “positioning statement” or what today is called a “30 second commercial.”

Today’s web-surfing callers have done extensive research prior to dialing; many are online while on the phone. They no longer want to hear a scripted list of features. Instead, they want to be told a story of their upcoming vacation or business stay. KTN’s certification trains agents to use a conversational approach to entice the caller to book and more on to excited anticipation of their stay.

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