Quality Control

At Travel Outlook, we believe the quality of the call does not have to diminish with the quantity of calls. Guest satisfaction is our primary goal, and we believe that positive guest experiences – and better scores and postings on sites like TripAdvisor – start with your guest’s experience with reservations.

Travel Outlook’s owners come from a hotel development and management background, and we understand all aspects of hotel operations. We know how important it is to have reservations done correctly and efficiently.

Every call we handle for your hotel is recorded and archived, and with your monthly invoice, we will document and deliver all relevant reservations metrics for complete analysis.

Also, we hire the Kennedy Training Network (KTN) to perform “shop calls” of our agents, and to generate a comprehensive report on the quality of the interaction.

The KTN sales process varies client-to-client, but there are approximately a dozen steps for an agent to complete for a profitable and successful sales call. The agent’s performance in this area receives a percentage grade; for example, “the agent completed 90% of the sales steps during the call”.

KTN also provides us with a letter grade for the overall feel of the call. Did the agent “have a smile in his or her voice” during the call? We want to know this for every call, and if the grade for a particular call is not as high as we would like, we listen to the call with the agent and coach him or her on how to provide a better feeling in future calls.

The KTN scores are critical for us, and essentially tell us how we are doing on an ongoing basis.  Since we strive to be transparent in this area, we often ask KTN to send the scores for calls directly to our clients so we see the scores at the same time the client sees them. We will make improvements whenever needed, and release agents who continually underperform.