Hotel revenue managers seeking new and innovative ways to stimulate revenue will be keenly interested in our newest tool, Targeted Incentive Management™. As our client, you can choose to participate in this pioneering incentive program that is designed to focus our team on your specific revenue needs. First, you would determine an amount to invest in a monthly incentive pool for agents taking your calls, bearing in mind that 100% of these funds go to the agents. Next, you would decide what you would like to provide as an incentive.

For example, suppose that occupancy for a certain future period is a little slower than expected – you might log into the TIM system, and offer $1 for every voice reservation made for that period as an incentive. A small amount of money (for example, $500) can generate significant results, and the TIM system creates another tool for you to use to “move the needle” for the time when you need revenue the most.


Our internal software measures the agents’ performance in the specific area you targeted and rewards the agent automatically if earned. Funds earned by the agent flow directly to ADP and payroll, and, at the end of the month, any remaining incentive pool funds are refunded to you or rolled over. If the pool has been depleted, the goals have been achieved. This is in addition to our standard internal incentive and reward programs.