The Perfect Sell Out

How Employee Engagement Plays A Key Role

John Smallwood, CEO, Travel Outlook

As the busy travel season draws near its end, so too does the advent of last-minute bookings. Walk-ins and last-minute bookings at hotels remain the trend which is why a great hotelier should know how best to cater to guests that make their reservations on the spur of the moment as the best holiday deals come in.

We’re all aware that taking care of guests with warmth and genuine hospitality is the most important thing a staff member does as this has the greatest impact on guest ratings on sites like TripAdvisor. Which is why your reservation agents are pivotal in securing last-minute bookings. But how can you get your team to execute on potential reservations that arrive at the eleventh hour?

The future of voice with Travel-Outlook2 The key is employee engagement
This is particularly true of less experienced staff members who need to feel valued in the workplace. In a recent article on professional development by the Harvard Extension School, it was found that compensation plays a key part, but employers need to consider a “holistic approach” which can include “investing in training and providing the resources for personal development” to reach a better level of engagement.


Since last-minute reservations, including walk-ins, can be the most profitable business a hotel can have, it makes sense to have your reservations team remain motivated to close every person who books at the last minute. Create the killer sales instinct by offering a commission on last-minute reservations, and by training them on the best way to close the deal.

Patrick Harrington,
CRME High-Touch Client Advocate

Your employees finding their place within the group can also help out a lot for the bottom line. The perfect sell-out can be achieved when hotel specialists perform as a team as well as being compensated for an excellent performance. For best results, make sure that reservation agents are primed and ready to close the sale either face-to-face or over the phone. No one else in the hotel can close this business and it’s the best way to rent those final rooms that can make the perfect fit.

This is one in a series of short essays by John Smallwood, CEO of Travel Outlook Premium Reservations Call Center about voice reservations, the second most profitable revenue channel. Travel Outlook is a hospitality company that takes voice reservations calls to help clients to increase the revenue to their hotels and improve guest satisfaction.