Every Hotel Needs a System to Automatically Capture Lost Reservation Opportunities

We all know that direct bookings are highly prized in the hospitality industry, but there are times when a potential booking opportunity may slip through. With a large volume of calls, a reservation team might reasonably forget to follow up on an occasional customer inquiry, or neglect to note important customer details.

These challenges can be easily overcome by installing and correctly using a customer relationship management (CRM) program, and our company has chosen the Track Pulse CRM to add to our hospitality services. It’s an affordable CRM that can be of tremendous benefit to hotels, because it is becoming clear that every hotel needs a CRM of some kind to maximize revenues.

An effective CRM can help a hotel capture up to 70% of previously lost phone reservation opportunities, and to record and store a wealth of information from customer calls – the kind of data that can help to identify booking patterns and reveal where potential revenue opportunities might lie. By tracking every inbound call and automatically creating a conversion opportunity, the CRM ensures that leads are never lost and the most promising prospects can be rapidly followed up with by phone or email.

The customer information stored in the CRM allows hotels to offer a more personalized service to guests and respond to their specific needs. Campaigns and call plans can be segmented into various categories, which means every sales call can be automatically routed to the best agent to handle that particular case.

Even marketing campaigns can be tracked to monitor effectiveness, allowing a property to know exactly how many extra calls a targeted email campaign generated.

If a hotel is answering reservations calls without the use of a CRM, it is missing a significant opportunity. There have been similar systems on the market in the past, but the cost for some hotels has been prohibitive. Every hotel needs a CRM, and we have found Track Pulse to be the affordable way for a hotel to address this need and to earn more revenue from every reservation call.