Instantly address hiring and staffing challenges with Annette, the hospitality industry’s first hotel AI-powered virtual agent.

Hotel AI

Annette’s hotel AI technology allows your customers to lead the conversation with natural, human-like interactions. Annette uses conversations in Facebook, Instagram, and other social media to learn how to understand your guests when they call. 


Annette is powered by the revolutionary PolyAI, winner of the TechOvation Award at the 2023 AHLA Lodging Conference.  Annette’s innovative AI programming means she will understand your guest correctly more than 97% of the time, and her latest software incorporates generative AI, allowing her to use human-like reasoning to select the most accurate response directly from a knowledge base. Annette’s database can power your hotel’s AI website chatbot, too.

Annette can answer up to 60% of the calls for the front desk team, freeing them to interact with on-site guests and saving on fixed labor expense.  Also, we can connect her directly with operations management software like ALICE or HotSOS, meaning that a call from a guest asking for more towels can be handled completely by Annette, allowing front desk staff to focus on the guest standing in front of them.

Annette can help your hotel to immediately address these common concerns:

  • Staff turnover and the high cost of recruitment and training
  • Rising wages and increased benefits
  • 100% accurate response – untrained staff may not provide correct information
  • Calls from guests are answered immediately, avoiding long hold times and improving guest service

Here are examples of Annette in action for our current clients:

Annette handles calls in any language

Annette connects directly with operations software

Annette becomes a PBX operator

Annette with a Hawaiian voice

Annette recognizes loyalty members

Annette provides clear directions


Annette’s proprietary technology enables her to adapt to phone-specific challenges of accents, background noise, and call quality.

Hotel AI
  • Annette accurately understands your guest’s request, even when they narrate or speak in long-winded sentences. Callers can interrupt, digress, change topics, all without having to start each conversation from scratch.
  • Annette’s warm, human, and friendly AI-powered voice assistance creates an engaging, on-brand experience for your valued hotel guests.
  • Annette can route calls to internal departments.
  • Annette will learn terms and phrases specific to your hotel AI, understanding callers no matter what they say, when they say it, and how they speak.
  • Hotels can personalize Annette by using their own voice talent. For example, we can use Hawaiian voice talent for hotels in Hawaii.
  • Annette will always offer a transfer-to-live agent option.
  • She can transfer calls to requested extensions.
  • Annette can answer hundreds of FAQs that you choose for your hotel.
  • Annette understands and speaks multiple languages.
  • She can send follow-up texts to hotel guests.
  • Annette integrates with front desk systems such as ALICE.
  • Annette connects with restaurant booking systems such as OpenTable.

Let’s schedule a demonstration call. We want to show you how Annette and hotel AI can help propel your hotel forward.