• We’ll help to increase your average daily rate. As our primary focus, we will drive rate. The hotel experience of our team coupled with a strict adherence to the Kennedy Training Network sales process virtually guarantees this.
  • We’ll help to increase occupancy. Our team closes up to 70% of qualified reservations calls. Based on our experience, we project that our team will help to increase occupancy in your property.

  • We offer consistency. No more worries about seasonal turnover and training in reservations – we will always be there, ready, and selling consistently – and always with the knowledge that we are only paid on consumed rooms.

  • We help improve social marketing ratings (sites such as TripAdvisor). By allowing your front desk team to concentrate on in-house clients, we can help to maintain and positively impact your TripAdvisor and other social marketing website rankings.

  • We help increase net operating income (NOI) by lessening dependence on wholesaler bookings. There are now hundreds of options online for a traveler booking a certain property, including a dozen or so wholesalers, the GDS, your own website, and many others. More and more your customers are simply picking up the phone to ensure that they’re getting the best available rate. We’ll be there, ready to convert those calls to revenue.

  • We learn and honor your brand equity. We understand that you have a defined marketing message, and we present your brand message clearly to reinforce its positioning. To support this, we record every call, and our transparent system allows you to listen to how we are presenting your hotel and change any part of our delivery.

  • Professional reporting. Our sophisticated reporting provides critical marketing information you can use to earn a better return from your marketing budget. We will tell you exactly what happened with each reservations call, including a full denial report.