Travel Outlook is an innovative, custom off-site central reservations office (CRO) service that serves as either a primary or overflow reservations department for hotels. Hotel management is complex. We want to lessen the management burden, so we work to simplify the voice reservations channel for our clients. Whether our client is a hotel chain or an individual hotel, we can tailor an effective, custom plan to help to achieve guest satisfaction and revenue generation goals.

The Travel Outlook team works to optimize voice revenue and improve guest satisfaction. With in-house guests expecting instant service – and leaving social media comments if they don’t get it – multitasking front office staff just doesn’t have the time to maximize room revenues on reservations calls. We help to solve this problem by designing the right, custom approach for the unique needs of our clients. Since we are not a fixed cost, and paid for performance, our fees are a variable expense and provide the perfect way for a hotel to expand its reservations department.


In addition to dozens of individual independent properties, our clients include the Catalina Island Company, SHR Global, Travel Tripper, KSL Resorts, Viceroy Hotel Group, Highgate Hotels, Pacific Hospitality Group, and Portfolio Hotels.

Our management team has more than fifty years of hotel management experience, with an emphasis in sales, marketing, revenue management, and reservations. We’re proven to convert more calls to confirmed bookings and to close them at a higher average daily rate, and we do this while creating an initial feeling of professionalism and courtesy for the hotel in the mind of the guest, setting the stage for higher ratings in sites such as TripAdvisor®.


We use a specific sales approach called the Kennedy Training Network sales system and train our Reservations Specialists to use it effectively. We were the first call center to be certified by the Kennedy Training Network, and we hire Kennedy and Forbes to test-call our Reservations Specialists. Using this system, we close up to 70% of the qualified reservations calls we receive.

We would love to prepare a proposal for your hotel, and to perhaps design a no-obligation beta test of our service. References are readily available, and we can provide numbers for you to use to test-call our team.