give your guests an expert guide on their journey to your hotel

Choose reservation agents who take care of your future guests just like you do.


We Increase Revenue and Enhance the Guest Experience

We have created a bespoke hotel call center, the only hotel-centric guest reservations call center available. We work with over three hundred of the finest hotels in the world and have a highly-trained, KTN-certified, US-based staff with a laser focus on hospitality, delivering top-notch guest service during each call. There’s no doubt it’s important to you that your guests’ calls are answered promptly, profitably, and pleasantly; we deliver just that and will also increase your voice channel revenue while improving guest satisfaction.  

Best of all, we’re reasonably priced and completely dedicated to your success.


We Offer Annette, the Hotel Industry’s First AI-Powered Voice Assistant

Annette’s technology allows your customers to lead the conversation with natural, human-like interactions. 

Innovative AI programming allows Annette to understand your guest correctly more than 97% of the time, and her latest software update incorporates generative AI, allowing Annette to use human-like reasoning to select the most accurate response directly from a knowledge base.   Annette’s database can power your hotel’s website chatbot, too!

Annette can answer up to 60% of the calls for the front desk team, freeing them to interact with on-site guests and saving fixed labor expenses. She’s the perfect addition to your hotel call center services.

nine essential benefits

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Expect to see these key benefits when we handle your hotel reservation calls:

  • It’s less expensive for us to answer your calls than it is for you to answer them yourself. 
  • Transparency: we record all of our calls, and our software converts them to text, allowing you to keyword-search them. 
  • We’ll help to increase your average daily rate: as our primary focus, we will drive rate.
  • We’ll help to increase occupancy:  our team closes up to 70% of qualified reservations calls.
  • We offer consistency: no more worries about seasonal turnover and training in reservations.
  • We help improve social marketing ratings: we free your front desk team to concentrate on in-house clients.
  • We help increase NOI by reducing wholesaler bookings: customers often call to get the best available rate.
  • We learn and honor your brand equity:  we understand that you have a defined marketing message.
  • Professional reporting: our sophisticated reporting provides critical information for you.

what is your


Rather than have a standard call center take your calls, why not hire a hospitality company that thinks like you do about your hotel and its guests?  Your hotel’s profitability and your guests’ satisfaction are our main objectives.  Just as you would, we hire the best candidates for reservations specialist positions, then train them with  industry leaders such as Forbes Travel Guide and Kennedy Training Network to develop leading-edge sales and service strategies to ensure the best possible result and experience on every call.  Our hotel call center services are like an extension of your own team.