Hotel call center

Rather than having a hotel call center take your reservations calls as a simple service, hire a company that thinks as you do about your hotel and its guests. Like you, your hotel’s profitability and your guests’ satisfaction are our sole objectives.

Travel Outlook seeks to hire the best candidates for Reservations Specialist positions with hotel call center experience and works directly with industry leaders such as Forbes Travel Guide and Kennedy Training Network to develop leading-edge sales and service strategies to ensure the best possible result and experience on every call. Our training, coaching and quality assurance efforts are built specifically for your hotel’s market segment, property type, revenue strategies, company philosophies, and any unique operational needs. In addition to substantial internal quality assurance efforts, both KTN and Forbes also monitor the results of our training with their innovative “mystery shop” calls and detailed evaluator feedback.



Hotel call center

The Travel Outlook training program is highly interactive. Our Reservations Specialists regularly engage in training games, team activities, role playing, and group exercises. This provides our Reservations Specialists the training they need to succeed in today’s world of over-informed, multi-tasking callers who have looked at too many choices online. Training themes are based on the premise that today’s callers have visited sites such as TripAdvisor, or perhaps even read a social media posting on a friend’s Facebook wall. And before dialing, they have also researched rates on your own website or an online travel agency (such as Expedia). This training and adherence protocols help our Reservations Specialists to create a more conversational, interactive call experience to engage the caller and to find the “story” behind the call. Armed with this information, our team goes beyond the “website search support” approach that many Hotel Reservations Specialists take. Instead, our Reservations Specialists learn to use descriptions that “allure and entice” instead of merely notifying and informing your clients of rates and availability.

Many voice reservations companies require you to purchase additional booking engine software, or book reservations on consignment, adding unnecessary pass-through fees. This hinders your ability to achieve the best rate or sell the last available room at your hotel. It also prohibits the outside reservations company from moving or changing reservations for you, providing the reservations support that is needed from a fully operational reservations department. At Travel Outlook, we do things a little differently.


We recognize that it is important for our team to have the best available resources and systems to provide superior sales and service. Using your own distribution channels allows you to set not only the rates and availability but, also, the message and information you want our agents to have about your hotel. It also allows us to fulfill most (if not all) of standard reservation requests, such as general property questions, cancellations, reservations changes, and confirmations. All of these tasks are included in our fee, and this can allow your front desk team to better address the needs of in-house guests.

In some instances, we find alternative ways to connect with hotel inventory, such as booking through an existing web page booking engine or by connecting directly into a specific Property Management System. We will work directly with your own staff or IT provider to determine the best method of fulfillment for your hotel. In many cases, there are no additional fees associated with this additional implementation support.

The cost for our service is surprisingly affordable. Often, our fees are less than what you may be paying for a larger hotel call center, but our level of performance is far higher.

The Travel Outlook offsite reservations solution is unlike any other option in the industry. We are proud to be pioneers by developing a cost-effective, performance-based reservation service solution built from the ground up to maintain your exacting standards for customer service, while generating more revenue and reducing your fixed costs.