Our advanced telephone system includes a CRM program designed to capture marketing information from your callers.  We call it Guest Lead Seeker™, and it can significantly increase your property’s transient revenue.  

Our team uses Guest Lead Seeker™ in two ways:  

  1. Gaining a second chance to book a reservation:  After we spend time selling your property. the caller may say, “sounds good, let me see about getting a plane reservation.”  Guest Lead Seeker™ prompts us to call the guest back to close the sale. 
  1. Creating sales leads from calls:  If a caller does not make a reservation, we can ask to include them in your marketing database.  These leads can be integrated into your marketing CRM, and we can provide an integrated CRM for you, if needed. 

Guest Lead Seeker™ is provided on a complimentary basis with our voice reservations services, and we do not charge for sales leads we enter in your CRM.