Hidden Benefits of Having the Right Voice Team

A recent article stressed “the importance of call center improvisation.”* – a strong concept we support. Here’s a simpler way to think about this.

In addition to being the second most profitable revenue channel, there are hidden benefits to maintaining a dedicated, strong voice team.

It is the golden opportunity to make the right first impression, and to create the best experience for your guest.

Foremost, talking with your guests allows your property to maintain the closest contact with them. Feedback is immediate and detailed, allowing your team to quickly make changes to policies and procedures which will lead to better industry ratings, rankings, and scores. It’s better to hear about an issue directly from a guest rather than to read about it with the rest of the world online.

Voice reservations are personal connections, allowing you to warmly welcome your guest with a smile in your voice while describing activities onsite or close by, and to book exactly the right room or suite for their stay.

Doug Kennedy from Kennedy Training Network takes it a step further and suggests that you Train Agents To “Narrate The Pictures.“*

Sales-wise, it’s the right opportunity to suggest a restaurant reservation or to offer a package you’ve built to enhance their stay with you. There’s no better way to entice your guest to experience all your property has to offer than to describe it to them on the phone, and a properly-commissioned, well-trained voice specialist is the right person for the job.

Also, the right voice team can provide essential out-bound calling or telemarketing services for your catering and sales departments, calling businesses in your area or contacting past group clients to alert them to the benefits of meeting or hosting an event at your property. No one can champion the property better than an agent who is also selling it on the phone to guests calling for reservations.


Are you seeing the hidden benefits of having the right voice team?

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John Smallwood, President

About John Smallwood, President of Travel Outlook

A veteran in the hospitality industry, John has owned, developed, and managed hotels for many years. After earning a BBA from New Mexico State University, he started his career with AT&T, gaining invaluable insight and experience in the early years of the data revolution. His experience in technology and hospitality merged in his development of Travel Outlook, the world-class hospitality contact center. More recently, he has branched out with the creation of ExpressRez, the premier contact center for the Bed and Breakfast industry, and with the creation of Annette, the first AI-powered voice bot for the hotel industry.

About Travel Outlook

Given its progressive approach to the voice channel – in terms of performance, training, transparency, testing and the tools used to measure performance – Travel Outlook Premium Hotel Call Center has become the premier voice reservations team in hospitality. Travel Outlook’s valued client list includes Viceroy Hotel Group, Outrigger, KSL Resorts, Proper Hospitality Group, Pacific Hospitality Group, Highgate Hotels, The Irvine Company, Catalina Island and many others. Travel Outlook’s team and approach increases sales conversion and helps to create more effective voice communication between hotels and their guests, resulting in improved social scores in addition to increased voice channel revenue. For more information, visit www.traveloutlook.com.

About Annette™, The Virtual Hotel Agent™:

Annette is an AI powered virtual call center agent that represents the next generation of voice bots designed specifically for the Hospitality industry. Annette has been programmed using a breakthrough approach to voice bots, a system built from human conversations. Using social media, chat forums, and movie dialogue, Annette learns from billions of casual human conversations to understand human inflections and multi-turn queries. This revolutionary approach means Annette understands callers no matter what they say, when they say it, or how they speak. Annette can answer FAQs specific to your property, understand multiple languages, route calls, send follow up texts, and more.


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