Hotel Call Center

 If you have a question about our hotel call center that is not on this list, let us know and we’ll get an answer to you right away.  We look forward to understanding your hotel call center challenges and providing you with workable solutions. Browse the FAQ below to browse to learn more about how our hotel call center handles everything from “How does Travel Outlook stay updated with your hotel’s rates, availability, and policies?” to “As a client of Travel Outlook, The Premier Hotel Call Center, how do I know that my calls are being answered efficiently without long delays?”.


Travel Outlook is a 24/7/365 reservation service. Our Customer Care department is available around the clock to assist with your concerns. Additionally, you will be assigned a specific Client Services specialist that will work directly with you on any needs and will ensure a prompt response and resolution.

Real-time access to information is the key to our success here.  Travel Outlook will have seamless access to your rates and inventory, allowing us to will completely customize our approach and take care of your valued repeat clientele in the same way you would at the hotel.

Because Travel Outlook is set up as a discrete channel via your CRS or PMS, our team always has real-time information about your hotel’s rates and availability as it is updated by the hotel. That means there is no other system that you need to manage. In most cases, you can use this same system to update our team directly with property information, such as policies, selling points and locale descriptions. To augment this, Travel Outlook also creates an individual property portal for its Reservations Specialists that contains additional information about your hotel that is not available in your distribution system. We have a full team of Client Services Specialists that will work with you to ensure it is built to your satisfaction and updated as needed to reflect any changes

Each month, Travel Outlook will deliver a comprehensive report detailing how many calls were sent to us, how quickly the calls were answered, and average handle time.  Typically, we answer calls within 30 seconds, and our average net abandonment rate is less than five percent.

Absolutely. We will create a custom commercial-on-hold and voicemail greeting for your hotel, and our Reservations Specialists will use your approved, branded greeting when answering your calls. The call transfer process is direct into our management system with no tell-tale beeps or transfer noises. If you have your own ACD (automated call distribution system), you can often direct your callers directly to Travel Outlook staff with the same number of phone keystrokes as you would to transfer the call to your own internal staff.

Travel Outlook will provide a unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which protects all sensitive information regarding your hotel. The NDA guarantees that any information Travel Outlook learns (either through its system connection or through verbal or written communication with your staff) will be held in confidence. Travel Outlook has a long, successful history of working with multiple properties that operate in the same marketplace, and as an integral part of your business we take this responsibility seriously.

All potential employees undergo a rigorous screening process that includes a nationwide criminal background check and company-option drug testing.  In addition, employees sign a security policy agreement that our responsibilities regarding your client information.  All of this has been vetted in our third-party Attestation of Compliance for PCI 4.0.  We also carry appropriate cyber-liability insurance.

Travel Outlook partners with Forbes Travel Guide and the Kennedy Training Network (KTN) to create customized training workshops for our Reservations Specialists.  We ask you to host a virtual “fam tour” for our team, and with that information we will build a training program specifically for your hotel. Our sales approach includes the understanding that callers have visited TripAdvisor or similar social media sites, have read one or more postings about the property, and have researched rates on an online travel agency site such as Expedia.  Armed with this understanding, our reservations specialists use a more conversational and less transactional sales style to engage the caller and to find the “story” behind the call.  Both Forbes Travel Guide and KTN monitor the results of our training with mystery shop calls.