Open Virtually

Crisis-Time Hotel Solutions

Nearly the entire world has been affected to some degree by the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. On the financial side, the hospitality industry has been among the sectors hardest hit. Our team serves this industry and we’re here to provide a better way to survive the interim time between when you temporarily close and when you again re-open.


Interim Voice Reservations Staffing

The time is now to prepare for the return of your business, and we can help to ensure once your hotel starts fully operating, you will have received every future reservation. Your relationship with your guests is more important than ever. As your partner during this difficult time, we will help you to be in the best position to quickly return to profitability.

Announcing the Open Virtually Program

Travel Outlook is a virtual hospitality company specializing in voice reservations and guest service with an extensive portfolio of the finest hotels and resorts in the country. Because we have always been virtual, we’re uniquely suited to this new environment. The new Open Virtually program will allow your hotel to remain “open virtually” as our intensively trained team answers your calls and takes future reservations according to the timeline you’ve set.

How it Works

  • The Travel Outlook team answers all calls for your property while its closed during the COVID-19 crisis as part of your team.
  • Your callers are greeted with a smile and warm service from you, rather than with a recorded message with bad news and no way to book a future reservation.
  • When future booked guests call, you’ll be staying in close contact with them, providing reassurance and a positive message about a bright future.
  • When things begin to turn around, having our team in place offers you the luxury of avoiding immediate fixed payroll cost in reservations.


Interim Website Hosting

Joining us in our crisis-time hotel solutions program is our partner, Incite Response, an award-winning, technology-rooted digital marketing company with a specialty in hospitality. As a virtual company, they are also suited well to the current climate without the transition period or overhead costs that are weighing down other agencies during this time.

Announcing the Lights On Website Program

Hotels that choose the Lights On service will have peace of mind knowing that their website isn’t going anywhere and minor updates will be handled promptly. Future and prospective guests will never be met with an unsettling 404 error or be at a loss for information when browsing your website. They’ll be greeted with a fully-functional website with recent updates providing them with vital booking information. For hotels who need a landing page only, please ask us about our $195 monthly Porch Light program.



About Travel Outlook

Travel Outlook is an innovative, custom, off-site central reservations office (CRO) service that serves as either a primary or overflow reservations department for four and five-star independent hotels. Our team is efficient and focused, and our reasonable rate structure is reflected in our clients’ net operating income.


Travel Outlook’s owners come from a hotel background, and understand all aspects of hotel operation and management.

How We Work

Rather than to have a call center take your reservations calls as a simple service, why not hire a hospitality company which thinks like you do about your hotel and its guests? Like you, your hotel’s profitability and your guests’ satisfaction are our sole objectives.