Could a Lack of Confidence in Online Booking Boost Hotel Call Volume?

While the number of online travel bookings continues to grow, consumer confidence when doing is dwindling. The drop in faith is understandable.

According to recent figures, 22% of American travelers have booked on a fraudulent site while believing they were using a hotel’s official website.

A lot of people have also become wary of third-party booking sites. A poll commissioned by the American Hotel and Lodging Association discovered 74% of travelers using an OTA had less confidence when booking with them since learning about deceptive marketing strategies and scams.

What do these figures mean for hotels? Potentially, an increase in call volume.

Speaking over the phone instantly gives guests the reassurance they’re looking for when reserving a room. It lifts away the uncertainty that comes when parting with personal details and credit card information online.

To ensure potential bookings aren’t lost, it’s vital to make it clear that customers can call to book with the hotel. This can easily be done by prominently featuring a contact number on every page of the hotel website.

This simple step will help promote transparency and offer a favorable option for those with concerns about online scams and fraudulent sites. Along with boosting confidence, offering the option to call the hotel also provides an opportunity for consumers to ask questions, seek recommendations, or receive help with complicated booking requirements.

With a dedicated team of reservation agents in place, your hotel can manage any potential increase in call volume. But more than that, an expert reservation agent can take the time to reassure guests and offer a level of personalized service that can’t be replicated online.

As confidence in online bookings seems to be slipping, hotels have a chance to reassure customers, and potentially save lost revenue, by promoting the option to pick up the phone instead.


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