How Hotels Can Convert Metasearch Leads with Their Voice Channel

Metasearch sites are helping independent hotels drive more visibility and direct bookings, allowing them to compete more effectively with OTAs. That’s according to Phocuswright’s Independent Lodging Properties and the Online Marketplace 2019.

The study revealed that nearly two-thirds of independent properties say they receive direct bookings via metasearch. In addition, almost 90% of independent properties say they intend to maintain or increase their use of metasearch in the future.

Given that metasearch has become highly favored as a cost-effective distribution platform to boost visibility and bookings, how can hotels maximize the valuable metasearch leads that come their way?

Make the most of metasearch: how to convert leads into bookings

Traveler shoppers use metasearch sites to hunt for the best deals. So, when they land on your hotel website, they already know your rates because they have researched your property. Their purchase intent is high, and they’re likely ready to book.

Therefore, the main job is to create a frictionless journey towards your checkout. This is where having a professionally-trained and tested voice reservation agent available can prove invaluable.

When a well-qualified lead lands on your website, you should continue to inspire and give them the confidence to book. Are you able to offer them the reassurance they need? Can you quickly answer any relevant questions that might inform their decision?

The right reservation agent can prove invaluable at this pivotal point in the customer booking journey. They can help with complicated booking queries and overcome technical issues on the website. And there’s something else to consider.

When a person finally reaches your website after navigating numerous digital touchpoints, a reservation agent represents the first chance for human interaction. The friendly, knowledgeable, and personal voice of your hotel.

Travelers use metasearch sites because they want a great deal. But once they’ve landed on your website, more emotional factors come into play. A reservation agent can make guests feel welcomed, reassured, and excited about booking with you.

Given the value of every direct booking, hotels need to consider every possible solution to convert as many leads as possible. A reservation agent can provide the technical help and the all-important personal touch that may turn a lead into a valuable direct booking.

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