AI Is Here to Work with Your Employees, Not Replace Them

Why Hotels Are Now Adopting Zero-Labor Solutions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a buzzword in today’s information age. It’s the way of the future and changing how we do business.

AI is all around us. It’s in our phones, our cars, and in our homes. In business, AI has captured the interests and imaginations of executives across multiple industries.

Not all artificial intelligence is created equal, and the pursuit of artificial achievement may be common, but realizing its full potential is still rare. Continue reading below to learn why.

The State of Travel in 2023

The ongoing travel boom was predicted by industry experts, as was its accompanying labor shortages. But no one predicted the severe impact those shortages would have on the industry at large.

Today, the consequences of labor shortages include minor service errors, increased wait and hold times for guests, poor online reviews, lost reservations, and limited hours of operation. Given high labor costs and the on-going labor shortages, hotels are now adopting zero-labor solutions.

Needless to say, hotels are feeling the change of pace significantly as attention spans are exceedingly limited. One way this affects your potential hotel guests is when they feel overwhelmed by hotel options, booking channels, and advertisements. So, brands need to be omnipresent across all channels.

A more common problem is when eager guests are searching for answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ’s). This means hotels must be prepared to answer guests’ questions via live chat or over the phone.

Given the ongoing labor shortages and the fast pace that guests expect answers, hotels now need artificial intelligence more than ever. But not just any AI. They need AI designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Conversational Artificial Intelligence is Key

The hospitality industry is a people-powered business, so customer service is of the utmost importance in the hotel world.  Many believe that AI is the antithesis of a customer-first service approach. The leading conversational AI, Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent™ (Annette), can be programmed using your hotel’s own voice talent, thus enhancing your hotel’s ability to provide unprecedented customer service, not hinder it.

Annette uses natural language processing to learn conversational tones from social media, movies, and TV shows. When returning guests call, they hear a familiar voice. Annette’s software doesn’t rely on call-and-response menus because she is programmed to answer hundreds of commonly searched and asked FAQs. Additionally, Annette can understand foreign languages, different accents, and even muffled and hushed voice tones.

Modern conversational AI is proficient across multiple channels to communicate with all guests, no matter their generation. Gen Z and Millennial guests (the automation generation) may prefer texting. Annette can send follow-up and confirmation texts to guests after conversations. Boomers, who still hold most of the nation’s wealth, prefer phone calls. When Annette answers, guests are reassured that they are being taken care of.

AI to Work with Your Employees, Not Replace Them

2022’s Great Resignation left workers struggling to keep up as they assume the responsibilities of multiple departments. AI is not here to replace the people that make brands great. It’s here to enhance their ability to serve guests. Annette will free up your front desk staff allowing them to better serve guests.

Annette’s hospitality, industry-specific AI works with and for your employees, helping hotels to keep up in today’s fast-paced environment. Instead of spending those resources retraining existing employees to perform extra duties, hotels can save time and money, and run more efficiently, by using Annette.

Powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence technology, Annette revolutionizes the way hotels operate, carrying the industry into the future. Learn more about Annette and find out how an AI-powered virtual hotel call center agent can improve your hotel’s voice channel while saving on fixed labor costs.

Looking for ways to address hiring and staffing challenges and control front desk labor expenses?

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