The Stoney Creek Hotels Partners with Travel Outlook, The Premier Hotel Call Center, to Boost Voice Revenue and Increase Guest Satisfaction

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO (June 2023): Travel Outlook, The Premier Hotel Call Center, is pleased to announce that Stoney Creek Hotels (Stoney Creek), a group of 12 unique, privately owned and operated inns and hotels, has partnered with Travel Outlook to provide voice channel services for Stoney Creek. Known for its highly personalized and effective service, Travel Outlook was chosen to enhance customer service and to take advantage of upselling opportunities for the Stoney Creek brand.

As the first and only call center certified by the Kennedy Training Network (KTN), Travel Outlook uses a specific sales approach developed exclusively by KTN to train their reservations specialists. Using this system, Travel Outlook closes up to 70% of the qualified reservation calls received. To ensure the highest level of performance, Travel Outlook hires KTN and Forbes to test-call their reservations specialists.

Travel Outlook will create customized sales and service strategies that cater to the unique market segment, property type, revenue strategies, and operational needs of the Stoney Creek properties. These strategies will help Stoney Creek increase revenue and help maintain their well-earned reputation for excellent customer service.

Mark Creger, Chief Revenue Officer Stoney Creek Hotels

Mark Creger, Chief Revenue Officer for Stoney Creek Hotels, said, “We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Travel Outlook, a company that shares our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional customer service to our guests. We expect Travel Outlook’s expertise to help yield a surge in our reservations conversion and to boost our ADR. Stoney Creek is happy to enter the partnership with Travel Outlook and eagerly awaits the many advantages it will bring to our operations.”

Travel Outlook’s President, John Smallwood, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with Stoney Creek, working together to deliver top-notch reservation services for their esteemed guests. Our team is fully committed to delivering exceptional results and ensuring every call provides a clear and positive first impression of the hotel. It’s an honor to be part of creating a memorable experience for each guest.”

Travel Outlook’s clients include some of the premier hotels and resorts in the country.  These clients have found that outsourcing to Travel Outlook can not only save significant fixed labor costs, but it can also increase voice channel revenue.  Travel Outlook’s highly trained, US-based staff has a laser focus on hospitality clients, delivering exceptional guest service during each call.

In addition to providing world-class, hospitality call center services, Travel Outlook offers Annette, the Virtual Hotel Agent™ dedicated to hotel guest service. Annette offers best-in-class caller engagement, unrivaled flexibility for callers, and provides an engaging, on-brand experience. Annette’s technology allows your customers to lead the conversation, creating natural, human-like interactions and affordably answering up to 70% of the calls for the front desk team.

For additional information on Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent™:

John Smallwood, President of Travel Outlook, the Premier Hotel Call Center™

[email protected]

Mobile 505-470-3241

About Travel Outlook The Premier Hotel Call Center™

Given its progressive approach to the voice channel – in terms of performance, training, transparency, testing and the tools used to measure performance – Travel Outlook The Premier Hotel Call Center™ is the leading voice reservations team in hospitality. Travel Outlook’s valued client list includes Viceroy Hotel Group, Curator Hotels and Resorts, Outrigger, KSL Resorts, Proper Hospitality Group, Atlantis, The Irvine Company, Catalina Island, and many others. Travel Outlook’s team and approach increases sales conversion and helps to create more effective voice communication between hotels and their guests, resulting in improved social scores in addition to increased voice channel revenue. For more information, visit

About Annette, The Virtual Hotel Agent™

Annette is a guest-led conversational AI assistant designed specifically for the hospitality industry. Annette has been programmed using a breakthrough approach to conversational AI, using natural language understanding software built from human conversations. Using social media, chat forums, and movie dialogue, Annette learns from billions of casual human conversations to understand human inflections and multi-turn queries. This revolutionary approach means Annette understands callers no matter what they say, when they say it, or how they speak. Annette can answer FAQs specific to your property, understand multiple languages, route calls, send follow up texts, and more. For more information, visit

About Stoney Creek Hospitality

Stony Creek operates and manages two main hotel brands located in 5 states across the Midwest. Results from 25 years of strategic planning and genuine hospitality have allowed Stoney Creek Hotel brands to be top competitors in each market. With Stoney Creek as a partner, you’ll find a commitment to personal and professional growth through genuine, passionate hospitality that results in an authentic home away from home experience for your employees and guests. For more information, visit