Instantly address hiring and staffing challenges with Annette, the hospitality industry’s first AI-powered virtual hotel agent.

Annette’s technology allows your customers to lead the conversation with natural, human-like interactions. She can answer up to 60% of the calls for the front desk team, freeing them to interact with on-site guests and saving on fixed labor expense. Annette also offers an accurate understanding of your guests’ most common needs through her Precise Guest Insight™ tool.

Annette is based on a new and exciting approach to Natural Language Processing, a method known as ConveRT. The system most of us use every day when we speak to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant relies on a different model that answers queries by quoting Wikipedia and other sources. This approach is not ideal for real-world conversational AI applications because it is computationally heavy, slow, and the required training is expensive. We’ve used an entirely different and much more effective method to power Annette. Annette is trained using social media conversational data for training, an ideal framework for this application. It’s effective, affordable, and quick to train. ConveRT achieves state-of-the-art performance, and the more it’s used, the stronger and more accurate it becomes.

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Annette’s proprietary technology enables her to adapt to phone-specific challenges of accents, background noise, and call quality.

  • Annette accurately understands your guest’s request, even when they narrate or speak in long-winded sentences. Callers can interrupt, digress, change topics, all without having to start each conversation from scratch.
  • Annette’s warm, human, and friendly AI-powered voice assistance creates an engaging, on-brand experience for your valued hotel guests.
  • Annette can route calls to internal departments.
  • Annette will learn terms and phrases specific to your hotel, understanding callers no matter what they say, when they say it, and how they speak.
  • Hotels can personalize Annette by using their own voice talent. For example, we can use Hawaiian voice talent for hotels in Hawaii.
  • Annette will always offer a transfer-to-live agent option.
  • She can transfer calls to requested extensions.
  • Annette can answer over 100 FAQs, chosen by the hotel.
  • Annette understands and speaks multiple languages.
  • She can send follow-up texts to hotel guests.
  • Annette integrates with front desk systems such as ALICE.
  • Annette connects with restaurant booking systems such as OpenTable.

Precise Guest Insight™ immediately and effectively improves your guests’ experience.


Hotel managers constantly strive to anticipate their guests’ needs and concerns as they work to make their hotels more accommodating and inviting. This task was just made easier by Annette’s Precise Guest Insight™ tool.

When guests call Annette with questions about the hotel, Annette anonymizes the caller information and collates the questions for hotel management, providing an instant and 100% accurate picture of why guests are contacting the hotel. This reliable source of information allows management to improve internal and external communication and enables hotel staff to answer these questions before the guest needs to ask them.